Rolfing is Personal Transformation

Many of my clients are intelligent people running businesses, maintaining healthcare practices, managing families, studying, working and generally just kicking ass at life.

I couldn’t be any happier with the types of people who come to me for Rolfing, and I’m proud of each and every person I meet at my clinic. But despite all that’s going well for them, they recognize that something deeper is still yearning for expression. Perhaps some part of them was lost or left behind as they made compromises to get ahead. Or maybe they just need something to change, but aren’t sure what.

I rarely meet anyone in my office who isn’t in the midst of some sort of emotional, physical or spiritual transformation. People just seem to gravitate to Rolfing when they’re ready for change.

So, here’s my admonition to the seeker of change: Rolfing doesn’t transform us by bringing us somewhere new. It changes us by removing the old from inside of us. Come in looking to let go, not to gain more. The mentality makes all the difference.

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